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Workshop Knowledge Utilization in Evolutionary Research

Developing a convincing knowledge utilization plan is essential for the success of many grant applications. Yet, for evolutionary biologists, it can sometimes be challenging to identify suitable knowledge utilization partners, or to find appropriate channels for outreach to the public. For all of us who are struggling with this problem, or may benefit from hearing other perspectives, on March 29 2022 NLSEB organized an online workshop on knowledge utilization in evolutionary research.

Read the report here

Best practices for Online Teaching in Evolutionary Biology

On June 7 2021, Maurijn van der Zee and Bart Pannebakker organized a roundtable to share best practices for “online teaching in evolutionary biology”. Ten participants engaged in lively discussions and shared useful teaching formats, online platforms and resources for online teaching. To make these accessible to everyone on the NLSEB website, we here provide a list of recommendations and tools.

Find the list here

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