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NLSEB 2023

The NLSEB 2023 PhD/postdoc and main meetings took place on Monday, May 15th at Wageningen University and on Tuesday, May 16th at Akoesticum in Ede respectively. With a record of more than 120 members and guests attending, the meetings were well received by the participants!

The PhD/postdoc meeting offered workshops focusing on early career small grant writing hosted by Dr. Aniek Ivens and on how to improv(e) your science hosted by Dr. Kelley Leung. Alco included an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) panel as well as pitch presentations by all the participants.


At the NLSEB main meeting, participants could attend plenary talks by plenary talks by Dr. Felicity Jones (Friedrich Miescher Lab, Tübingen) and by Dr. Franjo Weissing (U Groningen)  as well as by the Netherlands Evolutionary Biology prize winner of 2022 Dr. Julian Vosseberg. There were further parallel sessions with 20 short talks, poster presentations, a cultural intermezzo by the dramaturg Wessel Padberg, and time to socialize and to network (see the 2023 programme for all the details).

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